Losing 20 pounds – post 13

Phew! Okay… I need to get real.

First, I am back down to 140 after my crazy holiday weight period of 147.

But I need to tell you, my dear readers, that I have a new reason for my decrease in weight.

A couple weeks back, I had my yearly physical and my doctor informed me my blood-work showed I was a bit high in cholesterol and rather high in my glucose. She instructed me to make changes so as not to become diabetic in future years.

My doctor advised losing weight.

While I am on the low side of these numbers, it was still quite an eye-opening experience.

With age comes wisdom (hopefully) but also comes body decay (hopefully as little as possible.) We are mortal. Period.


We continually grow in knowledge and power to guide our bodies and minds into living much longer than any generation before us.

It takes work though, if you want those years to be healthy ones.

Now, before I detail what I’ve done over the past two weeks to lose seven pounds safely, I want to address those who think talk of weight-loss is somehow body shaming, as though losing weight is a bad thing, as I’ve seen this idea take shape on social media lately…

I get that there are very real weight disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia, but with those aside, I fail to understand how losing weight equals shaming other’s bodies?

Yes, the media likes to show an unhealthy version of beauty, but go after them, not your proud friend who just lost twenty pounds and showed off their pride on a social media page.

Look, if you’re overweight and as healthy as can be, more power to you, but one’s body weight typically has to do with one’s health and becoming healthier is something to celebrate. And then on the more superficial side, if you’re happy with how your body looks, more power to you – but this goes for both weight loss and weight gain. It’s not a one-way street for those who cry #bodyshaming. If one wants to lose weight to feel and look better, according to their own standards, how is that any different than those proud of their extra weight and beautiful look?

Can’t we all agree it’s about health and being comfortable in our skin, whatever that means to us?


So, yes. I took what my doctor said very seriously and I also want to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. I want to be happy.

I do. For me.

I don’t care about what other’s think, as I believe my extremely personal and revealing blog posts demonstrate…

So, back to my weight-loss journey…

I’ve shed seven pounds in two weeks not by doing some insane boot camp or waking at four in the morning to put in hours in at the gym. No. Instead, I stopped going through drive-thru’s. I no longer drink wine on weekdays. I go to the gym for a minimum of thirty minutes four to five times a week. And I no longer keep chips, cookies or carb-loaded bread items in my house.

Those are my changes.

And I feel good about them.

Thank you for coming along for the ride with me. I believe weight loss is very personal and I enjoy sharing it with you.

Stay tuned… I will get down to 117 again :)



Losing 25 pounds – post 12

Yes…. the holidays got the best of me. I stopped going to the gym, I binged on eating and drinking and I said yes to more desserts in one month than I did all year.  While I enjoyed every minute of it, my body was wondering WTF?!

Sadly, my goal of losing 20 pounds did not come to fruition. YET. In fact, it increased. I had lost some weight but then put it all back on and then some in that gluttonous month we call December.

Yup, that’s my life at 41.

But I’m not gonna cry about it. I’m already back to the gym (four days this week!) and though I didn’t go 100% dry, I’ve cut my wine intake by like 85%. FOR REALS. It hasn’t been easy but my body has enjoyed every minute of it.

And yes, to the big fat question in the room – I have reset because I took a step back rather than forward.

But with this fresh new year beginning, what better reason than to start over and get down to business, with a refreshed mindset and a fiercer determination?

I mean, this is life, no? Making choices and learning from them while dealing with the consequences?

Instead of thinking I failed, I decided to look at this like I made some poor decisions but I acknowledge it and I’m paying the price.

Live. Learn. Evolve.

147 and counting down… stay tuned!


Please forgive me

I suck.

I haven’t written a post in over two months.

In my defense, I’ve been hard at work finishing my novel and booking writing clients for paid writing work but I know… that’s no excuse. And my post before this said something similar…

Here’s the thing. I’m in transition. I am a filmmaker but God help me, that’s the hardest damn thing to crack through, as you need a ton of money to make one. Writing, however, is something I’ve always loved and since I’ve been told I have a gift with it (no one has told me that about filmmaking…) I thought I’d focus on that right now.

But please, allow me to ask you, my readers, for forgiveness… I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I wrote until I logged on to write this and I’m sorry.

I’ll be straight with you. I’m trying to establish my writing career so I can finally retire from waiting tables but that’s very difficult since waiting tables pays triple (if not more) than many writing assignments. (Never let anyone tell you waiting tables is easy. IT’S NOT. PERIOD. A restaurant manager told me they know servers make more but they don’t do it because of what it entails and think it says about them, but that’s another story…)

Anywho, my diet coke addiction is at an all time high BUT I am going dry for at least five weeks (no alcohol!) to shave off all this holiday weight I gained. Yeah… not only did I gain everything back that I lost but I gained more on top of that! Stay tuned… loss is coming…

So, as I send my book to my trusted readers to read over the next two months and research which fiction agents to target, I will return to my blog and hope my readers forgive me and continue to come along on my journey of life.

Stay tuned…. I’ll be detailing my continuing weight loss battle but also my career twist as a writer….

Happy 2019!

My First Mammogram

First off, I want to apologize – yes, again – for my delaying in posting on my blog. I truly appreciate you, dear readers, and want to explain that for the next six months, I might not be writing as much as normal here because I am editing my novel (while I wait tables and work on freelance writing assignments.) I then will be sending it out to agents and publishers so my time will be a little more limited but this is only a brief interruption. I will continue to post at least once or twice a month.

For those following my Diet Coke addiction, I have to admit I have fallen off the wagon and use this dark beverage for help with my weight loss journey. More to come…

And as for my weight loss journey, expect a new post next week. I’m figuring out my routine much more and will be sharing about it shortly. And yes, I am down a few pounds but lots more to go!

And now, for this post…

I had my first mammogram today. I turned 41 this year and my doctor told me it’s time I do it.

After waiting forty five minutes after my appointment time, I was finally called into a little dressing room area to undress to the waist and robe up.

And then more waiting.

Finally, I’m called – about an hour after my appointment time but I try to use this as training for patience (something I need continual work on.) Why do doctors set so close appointments? The majority of my doctor’s appointments keep me waiting well beyond the appointment time. When did this become acceptable??? But I digress…

My technician (I think that’s what she was…) was to the point. Friendly but distant. Definitely gave the vibe this is all routine for her.

But for me, it wasn’t. For the next ten minutes, my poor boobs were smooshed as they were x-ray’d. With all our technological progress, I don’t understand why this can’t be made a little easier on the chest??

Fortunately, the whole thing went by quickly but every time the tech told me not to breath for a x-ray (4 total), I suddenly became a person who couldn’t hold their breath longer than a second.  I realized it was because I use my breath when I feel stress or pain or uncomfortableness so having that taken away while I was clamped down was the hardest part for me.

The funniest part, though, was at the end, the tech drew closed the curtain so I could put my bra/top back on. Considering she had gotten to know my chest closer than my husband does, I couldn’t help but wonder if that was really necessary.

Overall, knowledge of my body’s health will by far make this whole visit worthwhile but if anyone can make this process more comfortable, please do!!!


The Best Doctor Office Visit

The other day, I went in for my yearly woman’s doctor’s office visit, to a place I’d been going to for nearly a decade.

Once there, I learned I was assigned a new doctor. I’ve had a few over the years, all of whom I liked, but none like this….

She was a truly one-of-a-kind, special doctor that you see in the movies but thought never existed in real life.

I know. I sound like I have a school girl crush. But in all seriousness, she was so rare I want to celebrate and spread the word on how good a doctor’s office visit can actually be, and here’s why:

  1. She entered, shook my hand and spent TEN MINUTES talking to me about myself and my life. She read notes the previous doctors had written and used them to ask about her new patient – me! (And FYI – she didn’t read from the notes; she came it knowing them.)
  2. She explained Every. Single. Thing. she was doing, reviewing and/or touching.
  3. She told me a little about herself, making it so much more personable (and trust me, in the position one is in during these doctor’s visits, this is incredibly appreciated…)
  4. She read my chart and DID NOT ask if my husband and I were going to have children. Every time I go, I have to tell my doctor we are not considering having children and then, we have to go through the song and dance of them trying to make sure I know what that means at my age (after 35, pregnancies are considered “geriatric”.)
  5. She had warm hands and told me when things were going to be cold.
  6. She was chatting with me so much about my book and family traditions that a nurse had to knock on the door to tell her the next patient was waiting…
  7. She then took off her gloves, shook my hand and told me what came next. I told her I was very happy to have her as my new doctor and she smiled, saying she was very happy to have me as her new patient, looking me straight in the eyes.

Pinch me please. Did I die and go to heaven?? To me, it’s rare to have this kind of treatment and doctor/patient relationship.

If you are in the southern Beach Cities area of Los Angeles, feel free to message me to ask for her info. I have no idea if they are taking new patients, but I have never felt better about a doctor’s office experience than I did yesterday.



Left Versus Right, Right Versus Left

[In the case it isn’t evident, allow me to preface this post with the warning that this is my political opinion, based on research and experience.]

It’s difficult to watch any mainstream news outlet these days and even more difficult to scroll through my Facebook feed because of the abundance of material in which Liberals from the left yell about the right and Conservatives from the right yell about the left. It’s down right nauseating and what’s the worst, is the fact both sides think they’re completely right and the other side is the devil.

Granted, Trump continually gives people many, many reasons to talk mad trash, but when I whittled it all down, I was amazed at how much opinion and sarcasm could be found while substance was insanely lacking. Yes, his administration changes quicker than ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins and corruption can be found all over (you’d be hard pressed to find any administration free of corruption,) but what really scares me is the fact he gives people reasons to continually use him to take out their own life frustrations. In fact, it seems he enjoys saying things just to make people show their misdirected anger. This is not to say he doesn’t genuinely do things that could anger someone – he absolutely does – but when emotion about one’s own life is not great, Trump provides a spring board and excuse to keep that negativity going and that is greatly troubling to me as it is mostly emotion based rather than logic based.

Now, I should mention I am non-partisan, belonging to no party, but if I had to say the one I relate to most, it would be Libertarian, though I have many problems with them as well. I hesitate to say this because when I say who I am closest too in ideology, people who disagree with my political beliefs will target that group as if they represent or speak for me and that’s a sure sign the conversation is about parties, not actions, and quite frankly, I’m just not interested. (I do mention it here so my readers have a better understanding of where I lean but that is the only reason why.)

Personally, I think while the left and right are trying to one up each other to make the most sarcastic comment, the American public will continue to head in other directions. Coastal states will start to realize they don’t hold all the cards and if one researchs both parties, as many are starting to do, sadly one will find insane corruption all over the place so neither of the main two parties should ever be claiming any moral/economic/social superiority…

But they do. And are.

And that’s what led us to Trump and I fear is going to lead us to another term with him at the helm. Though he was once believed to be a possibility of draining the swamp (i.e. getting rid of the muck of both parties,) time and time again he proves he is not the one to do the job. But that doesn’t mean the voting American public will not continue to send politicians a message. Disruptors prevail because right now, America is hurting and things need to change without the involvement of the two parties who brought on all the destruction and continue to do so.

The swamp is getting fuller, but it could actually be a good thing, because when the draining of it really does come, they’ll all be in one spot. And Trump adds to it every day.

As I watch independents grow and third parties become more and more represented on ballots (I’ve never voted for so many third parties on the local/state level than in our last election here in CA,) I believe things on the federal level will start to change quicker than ever and those on both Left/Right will start to take notice they’re digging their own graves…

But not before the able bodied third-parties waiting in the wings go for it. Yes, reporting is scarce, but I have seen the rise of these parties in the past few years in person so allow me to share that.

The above photo is from Ron Paul speaking at a Republican event. The Right did to him what the left did to Bernie Sanders – they used corruption, silencing and destruction to keep his voice quiet since he was by far not the party favorite. I personally witnessed some massive corruption. Direct message me with any questions you have on this…


it’s going to be interesting…. hang on America!

Losing 20 pounds – post 11

My weight loss journey is moving forward smoothly!

I’ve decided to continue not checking the scale right now. A friend of mine told me it’s best to not look initially because my body is changing, as it builds muscle and reduces fat. And since muscle weighs more than fat because of its greater density, the number on that stupid scale can be deceiving and greatly reduce one’s confidence when they need it most so scale, back off!

She also mentioned it’s best to just see how I feel with the changes rather than focus on the number and you know what? She couldn’t be more right!

I truly feel my body become stronger. Bike rides with my husband have never been easier as we navigate the hills along the beach route we take. And at work, I can carry much heavier boxes than I have ever been able too. Also, I feel better after a workout. It takes me through my day in a way little else has before. It provides a boost and right now, as I finish my novel while still working all my other jobs, I need it!

My birthday is on the 14th of this month and right after it, I’m taking two weeks off of all booze and most sugars. I may be grumpy but my body needs the purge to reset and start new and better habits. Stay tuned for that one….

And as always, thank you, dear readers, for your support and encouragement. It means the world to me and helps me move forward in a more positive way.